Welcome to Recife Brazil!

Let this Recife, Brazil Guide Set the Stage for your visit!

This Recife Brazil guide is intended to introduce you to the wonderful world that awaits you in this popular vacation destination. Recife Pernambuco has the wonderful distinction of a very pleasant year round temperature that averages around 80 degrees F. This means that no matter what time of year it is around the world, it is summer in Brazil. This Recife Brazil guide is meant to introduce you to some of the more popular and entertaining attractions that abound in Brazil Recife.

More than a Recife Brazil guide, I recommend that you purchase one of the vacation packages Recife has to offer. In your package you will be provided a good deal of information about Recife as well as a Recife Brazil guide that will help you navigate your way through the many neighborhoods of this large city. Recife city is a very large city. In fact, it is the second largest city in the northeastern portion of Brazil. For those seeking a great place to travel and experience the cultural wealth of the Brazilian people without sacrificing the modern luxuries we've all come to know and love, Recife de Pernambuco has much to offer.

You may find another Recife Brazil guide but few will provide the important information you will find here. The first thing is that almost everything from Recife gemstones to the churches and buildings are an important part of experiencing life in Pernambuco. Enjoy the Pernambuco Brazil magic that is its beaches. The beaches are typically lined with excellent restaurants and clubs, which makes them a great spot day or night.

Plan on shopping. What vacation is complete without a little bit (or a lot) of shopping? Visit the museums. Make a point of visiting Olinda for a step into the past of this city that is often referred to as the Venice of Brazil. Remember not to schedule your day so that you are so busy coming and going that you forget to stop, drink a cup of coffee, and take in the world around you that is a unique and almost perfect taste of paradise.

What Recife Brazil guide would be complete without mentioning Carnival? Two months before Carnival officially begins you will see the signs of it approaching. Rehearsals, parades, and dancing abounds. If you can manage your Recife holiday at this time, it is a magical time in the city. Just remember to check out a Recife Brazil travel guide or two online before heading out for further information on the many attractions and events that occur throughout the year in Recife Brazil.

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