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The Excitement And Thrill Of Recife Carnival

If you haven’t yet been to Recife Carnival then you are really missing out. When you think of Brazil you probably think of the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro, however, there’s another carnival just as popular, and with arguably more variation, and that’s Recife Carnival. Not only does it have samba dancing just like its more famous carnavale sibling, it also features such diverse themes as rock, reggae and manguebeat, to name but a few.

What makes the carnival in Recife Brazil so successful is that the local government supports it, so everything is sanctioned, allowing the very best performers to appear. There’s traditional dancing at carnival Recife Santa Catarina Brazil, as well as colorful carneval parades and enchanting music to catch even the weariest traveler up in its spectacle.

Also known as Galo de Madrugada, Recife Carnival is the largest festival in the state of Pernambucano, of which Recife is the capital. One of the most visual aspects of the whole event is when the samba dancers and other participants all dance with bright umbrellas – certainly one of the more unique sights in any carnival around today.

What really helps the Recife Brazil Carnival stand out from many other similar carnivals is the way that the locals encourage tourists to take part in even the more personal and traditional samba dances and events. It’s this kind of interaction and openly friendly approach that has seen Recife Carnival attract millions of tourists every year, and not just from outside of Brazil.

It’s not a short carnival either – beginning in December, carnaval Recife festivities take place in December, and last through to the subsequent Ash Wednesday. However, with this timescale, it ensures that none of the carnival proceedings are rushed, so you can take the time to brush up on your samba dancing skills.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation to take in all that carnival Recife has to offer, it’s advisable to invest in a carnival guide first. This will allow you to plan the schedule that’s best suited for the type of experience you want to have at the carnival, and all its partner carnivals.

An example of one of these is The Baile Municipal, which happens the last weekend before Recife Carnival proper begins. This is an extremely popular event at carnaval, with television companies broadcasting the ball to both carnival attendees and those watching from home.

Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that Recife Carnival has all the features you’d come to expect from the more famous one in Rio – samba dancing, parties and lots of color and music – yet it also offers one that embraces both traditional and modern aspects of Brazil’s wonderful Recife Carnival atmosphere.

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